Dry eyes

Dry Eyes: Everything You Need To Know

Dry eyes can be very irritating and cause vision difficulties as well. This dryness can lead to itchiness and pain. This typically happens when the tear ducts are not producing enough tears to help keep your eyes moist.  Dry eyes can be treated with multiple different treatments, so it’s important to find which treatment would […]

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The Importance of Sun Protection For Your Eyes

Our vision plays a vital role in our ability to complete everyday tasks and enjoy many activities. Along with many medical and health conditions that can affect vision, the sun can also significantly affect your eyes’ health. This does not mean you need to stay inside or keep from enjoying outdoor activities. Understanding how your […]

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Why It Is Important To Treat Iritis As Soon As Possible

Our eyes are incredibly sensitive to irritation and susceptible to injury. Many irritants and conditions can share the same symptoms. In most cases, these are easily treatable and sometimes go away on their own. However, certain conditions require prompt attention to avoid them becoming worse and causing more severe issues, like vision loss. Each part […]

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Is There a Cure For Chronic Dry Eyes?

Your eyes are incredibly sensitive to the outside environment. Even the slightest irritation can grow to be downright painful. One eye condition that can appear seemingly with no cause at all is chronic dry eye. Even in the wettest of outdoor condition or when there are very few allergens in the air, dry eye can […]

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The Link Between Diabetes and Your Vision

Protecting your eyes from ultraviolet light, particles that can damage the surface of the lens, and other external factors are essential to maintaining your vision. While there are many external things that can negatively impact your vision, one of the most common causes of vision loss in adults is caused from within the body. A […]

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When To See A Doctor About Macular Degeneration

Age-related conditions can affect every part of our bodies and can begin to appear much early than many expect. While many of these conditions can be easily treated and revered, early detection and treatment are essential for many others to prevent serious complications in the future. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is one of these conditions. […]

What Is Recovery from Corneal Transplant Surgery Like?

A healthy eye is essential for having clear vision. As important as each part of the eye is to keep that clear vision, many are very delicate and can easily be damaged by disease, genetic degeneration, or injury. Perhaps none is more important to clear vision than the cornea. The cornea is the clear covering […]

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How Regular Eye Exams May Save Your Vision

Just like routine and regular check-ups at the dentist’s office can help keep your mouth and teeth healthy, regular eye exams are essential to catching conditions of the eye early. For some eye conditions, catching them during exams is the only way to treat them and keep your vision. When symptoms get to the point […]

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How Does Diabetes Affect Your Eyes?

Diabetes can damage your eyes and cause vision loss and blindness. When blood sugar levels are high, it can cause the blood vessels in the retina (the back part of the eye) to leak. This can lead to vision problems, such as blurred vision or difficulty seeing at night. Over time, diabetes can also damage […]

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Cataract Surgery

Our eyes go through a lot of change as we age. Usually, vision issues begin to creep up as people grow older. One of the most common vision issues associated with aging is cataracts. Despite being so common, with an estimated 30 million people having cataracts, there is no cure or a way to stop […]

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