Is Cloudiness Normal After Cataract Surgery?

Senior woman gardening on beautiful spring dayCataract surgery is an outpatient procedure normally done to help improve your vision. The procedure entails removing your eye’s lens and replacing it with an artificial lens (intraocular). Most patients report having better vision after cataract surgery. If you recently had cataract surgery, you might find it strange that your vision is blurry.

The Eye Clinic P.C. delivers exceptional medical care to suit your needs. Its experienced eye-care professionals are committed to ensuring you get personalized services even after undergoing cataract surgery.

Cloudiness is a normal thing to experience even after successful cataract surgery. Therefore, this isn’t something to worry you. Cloudiness should fade away after a few days. In some cases, however, there are certain instances where blurry vision might prolong.

The Eye Clinic P.C. guarantees the best and safe cataract procedure. However, it’s important to note that your eyes will need time to heal and adjust to the new implanted lens. The healing rate of patients varies considerably. Some may see clearly after a day, while it could take longer for others.

Ophthalmologists at The Eye Clinic P.C. strongly recommend booking physical examinations in case of cloudiness after weeks of having your cataract surgery. Doing so helps to rule out potential complications.

It’s normal to experience cloudiness right after undergoing cataract surgery. But if it persists, this could happen because of a number of factors, including posterior capsular opacification (PCO), dry eyes, inflammation, retinal detachment, etc.

To speed up the healing process after cataract surgery, ensure you wear protective eye shields for about a week post-surgery, continue using eyedrops and other prescribed medications, avoid swimming for 4-6 weeks, and avoid pushing or rubbing your eyes. Ophthalmologists at The Eye Clinic P.C. help you throughout the healing process by scheduling regular checkups.

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