What to Expect From Your Upcoming Cataract Surgery

Seniors in the park with happy face smiling doing ok sign with hand on eye looking through fingers.Now that your vision has become clouded and impaired, it’s time for cataract surgery. There is no need to be worried or stressed out about your upcoming procedure. The combined training and experience of our cataract surgeons at The Eye Clinic will give you confidence that the outpatient procedure goes smoothly – quick and pain-free.

Why You Are Undergoing Cataract Surgery

The natural aging process causes the lenses of your eyes to become less flexible, less transparent, and thicker – causing sight to be clouded. The sun also breaks down tissues within the eye lens and these tissues clump together. The clumping lens tissue causes clouding and is how cataracts begin forming. When your vision becomes impaired, cataract surgery is recommended by an experienced and skillful ophthalmologist.

Preparation for Cataract Surgery

Your doctor will schedule a procedure in the weeks before the day of your scheduled surgery to measure the size and shape of your eye. The purpose of these measurements is to achieve the best artificial lens fit for you.

You may be instructed to abstain from eating and drinking for up to 12 hours before the scheduled surgery.

Should you have cataracts in both eyes, surgery will be scheduled for each, a few weeks apart. The first eye that undergoes surgery will be able to heal before the second eye undergoes surgery.

Scheduled Day of Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, you will remain awake. The entire procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on the severity of your eye condition. Even though cataract surgery takes well less than an hour to perform from start to finish, you will need to recuperate in-office for at least 30 minutes or until any sedative wears off.

The doctor will numb your eye with medication to alleviate any pain. You may also be given medication for relaxation during the procedure.

A small incision will be made in the front of your eye and a tiny surgical tool is used to break up and suction out the cataract. Finally, your new lens will be inserted and the incision cut is closed.

Take Advantage of Trusted Cataract Surgeons

You do not have to worry about undergoing cataract surgery when you trust the skill and experience of the cataract surgeons at The Eye Clinic in Portland, OR. Call 503-297-4718 to schedule your consultation today.

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