Is There a Cure For Chronic Dry Eyes?

side view portrait of handsome man in checkered shirt applying eye drop over grey backgroundYour eyes are incredibly sensitive to the outside environment. Even the slightest irritation can grow to be downright painful. One eye condition that can appear seemingly with no cause at all is chronic dry eye. Even in the wettest of outdoor condition or when there are very few allergens in the air, dry eye can still cause significant discomfort.

Most of the causes of chronic dry eye, actually come from inside the body. One of the most common of these are the tears that are supposed to lubricate and protect your eyes. Along with being sensitive to the external environment, the consistency and chemical balance of your tears can contribute to the feeling of dry eyes.

Chronic dry eyes can also be caused by blocked tear ducts, or when not enough tears are produced. Rubbing your eyes can further irritate your eyes and especially if the pH of your tears is off, can make the irritation significantly worse.

When dry eyes become prolonged periods or begin to affect your vision or light sensitivity, it is important to see an eye specialist as soon as possible to ensure there is not a serious condition causing the symptoms and to begin treatment right away.

Since chronic dry eyes are a symptom caused by numerous factors, there is no cure. However, there are many steps you can take to prevent the irritation and reduce the discomfort in your eyes. Avoiding environments with a lot of irritants can help.

If your doctor determines the cause to be internal, your treatment will greatly depend on the specific cause, you may need to use special medicated eye drops to either stimulate the productions tears, or balance the consistency and chemical make up of the tears that are produced.

Don’t continue to live which the discomfort and pain of chronic dry eyes. The doctors and staff at The Eye Clinic in Portland, OR will diagnose the cause of you dry eyes, and begin treatment to reduce the discomfort right away. Call the office at 503-297-4718 or visit to schedule and exam.

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