When To See A Doctor About Macular Degeneration

Portrait of loving senior coupleAge-related conditions can affect every part of our bodies and can begin to appear much early than many expect. While many of these conditions can be easily treated and revered, early detection and treatment are essential for many others to prevent serious complications in the future.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is one of these conditions. Although there is no known specific cause of AMD, the symptoms and condition can progress to cause complete vision loss if left untreated. Even though there is no cure, early treatment can slow the progression and preserve your vision for many years.

Not only is AMD the most common cause of age-related vision loss, AMD symptoms closely mimic many other eye conditions that are sometimes less serious. These include distorted or blurry vision, dark areas, and gradual loss of color vision or clarity. Since other less-serious conditions can also cause these symptoms, many people ignore them.

An appointment with a skilled and knowledgeable ophthalmologist, such as Dr. Wilkins or Dr. Donohue, can perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes and vision, rule out other conditions, and determine if AMD is the cause of your vision issues.

If AMD is diagnosed, Dr. Wilkins or Dr. Donohue will develop a treatment plan specific to your type of AMD and how the progression is. Treatment options can include prescription medication, laser therapy, and vision aids to help correct the vision changes caused by AMD.

While each patient responds to the treatment methods and whether the treatments are successful at slowing the symptoms of AMD, they are relatively successful. And by taking additional steps during treatments, such as maintaining a healthy diet and increasing your intake of specific vitamins and minerals, it is more likely your symptoms of AMD can be slowed.

Don’t wait to see an ophthalmologist if you have any unexplained changes in your vision. Dr. Wilkins, Dr. Donohue, and the experienced staff at the Eye Clinic P.C. will perform a comprehensive exam and create a treatment plan specific to you and your condition. Call the office in Portland, OR at 503-297-4718 or visit www.eyeclinicpdx.com to schedule an appointment today.

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