Tips for Diabetic Eye Care

Experts have confirmed that people with diabetes risk developing glaucoma and cataracts more than the general population. A diabetic eye disease known as diabetic retinopathy happens when the blood vessels in your retina become damaged due to diabetes. As a result, abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye may obstruct the eye’s regular drainage system, resulting in glaucoma. If you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, staying on top of your health is essential to preserve your vision. Here are a few diabetic eye care tips to help you get started.

Eye Care Tips for Diabetics

Know the Symptoms of Diabetic Eye Disease

If you have diabetes, you should have your eyes checked at the first sign of any vision issue, even if it’s something little like blurriness. Additional signs that something could be wrong with your eyes include:

  • Observable shifts in your peripheral vision
  • Reduced capacity to see in the dark
  • Randomly seeing light flashes or spots
  • Constant eye strain or pain

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar causes damage to blood vessels in the eyes and may also alter the shape of the lenses. Since increased glucose in the blood causes the lens of the eye to expand, it can lead to altered or blurred vision. Proper diabetic eye care and restoring normal blood sugar levels may help to restore visual problems due to high blood sugar. Keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol within the healthy range can also help reduce your chances of developing eye disorders and losing your vision.

Schedule Regular Checkups

By scheduling regular diabetic eye care exams, your eye doctor will have the greatest chance of detecting any diabetic eye disease in its earliest, most treatable stages. Your eyes should be examined once every year to two years by an eye specialist who is qualified to provide eyecare for individuals with diabetes, even if your primary care physician or other health care professional already checks your eyes.

Regular eye exams and diabetic eye exams have many similarities. However, your eye’s blood vessels and retina will receive additional focus during a diabetic eye checkup.

Find the Right Diabetic Eye Care in Portland, OR

For a comprehensive diabetic eye care exam in Portland, OR, come see one of the eye specialists at The Eye Clinic P.C. To schedule an appointment, contact (503) 297-4718.

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