The Signs of Uveitis

Your eyes can provide important insights into your overall health. Uveitis is a condition that affects the uvea, the middle layer of the eye, and can have serious consequences if left untreated. Recognizing the signs of Uveitis is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management.

Uveitis is an inflammation of the uvea, which includes the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. It can affect one or both eyes and can occur suddenly or develop gradually. Uveitis can be caused by various factors, including infections, autoimmune diseases, or trauma to the eye.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Uveitis

Eye Pain or Redness

One of the most noticeable is eye pain, often described as a dull ache. This pain may be accompanied by redness in the affected eye. If you experience persistent eye discomfort or redness, it’s essential to get it checked by an eye doctor.

Blurred Vision

Uveitis can cause blurred or cloudy vision, making it challenging to see objects clearly. If you notice sudden changes in your vision, especially if it affects only one eye, consult an eye doctor promptly.

Sensitivity to Light

People with Uveitis often become sensitive to light. Even normal indoor lighting or sunlight can be painful and uncomfortable. If you find yourself squinting or avoiding light sources due to eye discomfort, it’s a potential sign of Uveitis.

Floaters and Flashes

Uveitis may lead to the appearance of floaters, which are tiny specks or strings that seem to float across your field of vision. Additionally, you might experience flashes of light, similar to lightning bolts. Both floaters and flashes can indicate a problem with the uvea.

Eye Discharge

Uveitis may cause increased tear production, leading to eye discharge. If you notice unusual discharge or crust forming around your eyes, it’s worth investigating.

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Your eyes are precious, and any changes in your vision or eye discomfort should be taken seriously. Uveitis is a condition that requires immediate attention to preserve your eye health. By recognizing the signs of Uveitis and seeking professional help promptly, you can protect your eyesight. Contact The Eye Clinic, located in Portland, OR. Call 503-297-4718 to schedule an appointment.

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